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The world today is reaping the benefits of years of chemical research and has come a long way when it comes to the manufacture and use of high grade compounds. We at Axiom Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., have been manufacturing a number of superior quality products since 2011 and have made it our mission to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Based in Vadodara, Gujarat (India), our vision is to pioneer the market in chemical production and come up with more efficient and advanced processes that assist in rendering  products of higher quality at lesser costs. This vision has aided us in extending to our emptors a value unlike any other company in the market, making us more desirable in their eyes.

Research and Development 

The R&D is the most important strength of a company, Axiom Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. has its own R&D guided by a most experienced techno craft of having and R&D and industrial experience of about 28 yrs. The R&D & expenditure reduction works on developing new products, improvement of Quality & Reduction of Cost of the existing production for Global Competitiveness quality & price. Axiom Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. has reached to a state of innovation in Lithium compounds & Phenothiazine compounds & its derivatives. If you think for any Lithium compounds or Phenothiazine compounds, R&D team of Axiom Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. can very well respond to your dream with competitive price and best quality as well. Axiom Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. has confidence to achieve the best results for developing the inorganic & organic compound of other than Lithium, too like, Zinc, Nickel, Potassium as its Bromides, Iodides too.


Axiom Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. is leading manufacturer, exporter, importer, supplier and wholesaler of inorganic and organic chemicals. We specialize in custom made and specialty application products. We have developed many organic compounds to meed various needs of our customers from variety of industries.... Work Environment Our services are not limited to only local customers but also extent to some international clients to serve their needs for various organic and inorganic products. This enables the possibilities of exposure to global market trends. We provide very enabling culture to emphasize empowerment of the individual to work in the best interests of the client. When you join Axiom Chemicals, you will be introduced to the company, its processes, and units and guided personally. During your initial period you will be provided ideal guidance regarding the safety, environment and other policies of the company. Post Your Resume You can post your resume to our HR at We will get back to you as required after refering your details. 

Product Range

We, Axiom Chemicals Pvt . Ltd., deal in a wide range of superior grade chemicals. Some of our products are as follows:

  • Lithium Carbonate

    • Lithium Carbonate

    • Micronized Technical Grade - Energy

    • Lithium Carbonate, Technical Grade

    • ACS Grade

  • Lithium Metal

    • Lithium Foil

    • Lithium Ingot

    • Alloy Grade High Purity

    • Lithium Aluminum Alloy Foil

    • High Purity Rod

  • Lithium Hydroxide

    • Lithium Hydroxide

    • Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate, Technical Grade

    • Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate, Battery Grade

    • Lithium Hydroxide Anhydrous

    • Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate, Technical Grade Energy

  • Lithium Alkoxides

    • Lithium Ethoxide

    • Lithium t-Amoxide in Heptane

    • Lithium t-Butoxide in 10% Heptane

    • Lithium Methoxide (LiOMe) 10% in Methanol - Fine Chemicals

  • Lithium Amide

    • Lithium Tert-Butoxide Powder

    • Lithium Iso-Propoxide Powder

    • Lithium Tert- Butoxide

    • Lithium Methoxide

  • Lithium Amides

    • Lithium Amide Fine Chemicals

    • Lithium Hexamethyldisilazide

    • Lithium Amide, milled

    • Lithium Diisopropylamide

  • Lithium Fluoride

    • Lithium Fluoride Technical Grade

  • Lithium Hypochlorite

    • Lithium Perchlorate Pure

  • Lithium Iodide

    • Lithium Iodide Anhydrous

  • Lithium Benzoate

    • Lithium Benzoate Pure

  • Lithium Succinate

  • Lithium Salicylate

  • Lithium Peroxide

  • Lithium Chromate

  • Lithium Citrate Tetrahydrate Milled

  • Iodine

    • Ammonium Iodide

    • Bismuth (III) Iodide

    • Calcium Iodide Anhydrous

    • Calcium Iodide Hexahydrate

  • Zinc

    • Zinc Acetate

    • Zinc Acetate Anhydrous

    • Zinc Acetate Dihydrate

    • Zinc Bromide

  • Pharma Intermediate

    • Ascorbyl Palmitate

    • Ascorbyl Stearate

    • Aspartame

  • Phenothiazine

  • Lithium Chloride

    • Lithium Chloride ACS Grade

    • Lithium Chloride Industrial Grade

    • Lithium Chloride, Milled powder

    • Lithium Chloride Anhydrous Purified

  • Lithium Nitrate

    • Lithium Nitrate Anhydrous

    • Lithium Nitrate Solution

    • Lithium Nitrate Pure

  • Lithium Acetate

    • Lithium Acetate Pure

    • Lithium Acetylide

    • Lithium Acetylide - Ethylene Diamine Complex

  • Lithium Hydride

    • Lithium Aluminum Hydride

    • Lithium-Tri-(Tert-Butoxy)-Aluminum Hydride

    • Lithium Hydride, Powder ( 100 M)

    • Lithium Aluminum Hydride Fine Crystalline

    • Lithium Aluminum Hydride Sieved

  • Lithium Silicate

    • Aluminum Lithium Dioxido (OXO) Silane

    • Lithium Orthosilicate

    • Lithium Metasilicate

  • Lithium Phosphate

    • Lithium Phosphate, Catalytic Grade

    • Lithium Phosphate, Technical Grade

  • Lithium Borate

    • Lithium Tetraborate Pure

    • Lithium Metaborate

  • Lithium Sulfate

    • Lithium Sulfate, Technical Grade

    • Lithium Sulfate, Pure, Anhydrous

  • Lithium Citrate

    • Lithium Citrate Tetrahydrate

  • Lithium Bromide

    • Lithium Bromide Anhydrous

    • Lithium Bromide Solutions (Uninhibited)

    • Lithium Bromide, 30% solution in THF (typ. 4.1 M)

    • Lithium Bromide Solutions (Inhibited)

  • Lithium Nitride

  • Lithium Molybdate

  • Bromine

    • Ammonium Bromide

    • Antimony (III) Bromide

    • Barium Bromide Anhydrous

    • Barium Bromide Dihydrate

  • Calcium

    • Calcium Acetate Anhydrous

    • Calcium Bromide

    • Calcium Bromide Anhydrous

    • Calcium Bromide Hydrate

  • Copper

    • Copper (II) Acetate Anhydrous

    • Copper (II) Acetate Monohydrate

    • Copper (II) Bromide

    • Copper (II) Carbonate Hydroxide

  • Catalysts

Key Facts:-

Nature Of Business

Manufacturer, Trader, Exporter and Supplier

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No. of Employees


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Annual Turnover

Rs 3 Crores

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