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Pharma Intermediate

Pharmaceutical Intermediates are the concoctions of excipients and active substances, commonly in the form of powder. These have been formulated in accordance with clients' requirement. These are the active ingredients, which are intended to provide pharmacological activity or some direct effects in the cure, mitigation, diagnosis, prevention, treatment, or disease so as to affect the structures or all functions of the human body. These ingredients are biologically active and are used in the manufacturing of different drugs. Offered best quality Pharmaceutical Intermediates also work as the substances, which may be utilized for the processing of natural products.

Key Points:

  • Used for the drug development and drug testing.
  • Come with safety profile, no toxicity.
  • Intended to provide pharmacological activities.
  • Have wide applications in pharmaceutical industry.

Nickel Bromide

We are engaged in offering our valued clients a superior quality assortment of Nickel Bromide which is a water soluble compound widely demanded for use in water treatment chemical analysis and in ultra high purity for certain crystal growth applications Offered Nickel Bromide is utilized to prepare catalysts for crosscoupling reactions and various carbonylations Along with that the offered chemical is packed with high precision to ensure its purity for a longer period

Technical Specifications

CAS Number 13462 88 9

Formula NiBr2

Molar mass 21853 gmol

Density 51 gcm

Sodium Lactate

In line with the international standards we are offering an exquisite quality Sodium Lactate which is a salt with natural humectant providing moisture which makes it a great additive to lotions Sodium Lactate is also used in the cosmetic industry as a water retainer in soap shampoo body cream lip balm facial cream and eye drops Our product is available in various customized packaging options The offered product is also finds usage in food industry to be used as a preservative acting as an inhibitor of bacteria growth

Technical Specifications

CAS Number 72 17 3

Formula C3H5NaO3

Molar mass 11206 gmol

Boiling point 113 C

Density 133 gcm

Potassium Gluconate

We are extremely engrossed in offering a premium quality Potassium Gluconate which is used in supplemental form to increase the levels of potassium Our product helps to counteract high blood pressure caused by sodium Highly accepted among clients all across the nation this product is tested on various parameters of quality in order to deliver pure chemical at the clients end The offered Potassium Gluconate chemical compound also helps to counteract high blood pressure caused by sodium

Technical Specifications

CAS Number 299 27 4

Formula C6H11KO7

Molar mass 234246 gmol

Melting point 180 C 356 F

Ascorbyl Stearate

As an acclaimed company we are engaged in providing our valuable clients with a broad array of Ascorbyl Stearate which is an ester formed from ascorbic acid and stearic acid  used as an antioxidant food additive in margarine This is basically belongs to the class of organic compounds known as fatty acid esters The offered product is available in various customized packaging options in order to meet various requirements of customers Also Ascorbyl Stearate is highly soluble and has a prolonged shelf life not only this it is use as a source of vitamin C

Technical Specifications

CAS Number 10605 09 1

Formula C24H42O7

Molar mass 442586 gmol

Melting point117 Degree C

Sodium Propionate

We are a prominent entity engaged in offering an optimum quality Sodium Propionate that is known for its effective concentrations are low enough that one cant taste it in products Recognized as an effective inhibitor of the growth of molds and bacteria Sodium Propionate is preferred for bakery products such as cakes tortillas pie fillings Our product is available in various customized packaging options The offered product is tested on various parameters in order to ensure its flawlessness

Technical Specifications

CAS Number 137 40 6

Formula C3H5NaO2

Molar mass 9607 gmol

Melting point 289 C

Boric Acid

Owing to our expertise in this domain we are indulged in offering a vast collection of Boric acid. The entire range is generally utilized as an antiseptic insecticide flame retardant neutron absorber or precursor to other chemical compounds. This is basically formulated from boron and water that has antibiotic properties. Boric acid also finds usage in enamels and glazes skin lotions, antiseptics and astringents glass fiber manufacturing medicated powders, paints, rodent and ant pesticides eyewash products, photography chemicals.

  • Formula : H3BO3
  • Molar mass : 6183 gmol
  • Melting point : 1709 degree centigrade
  • Boiling point : 300 degree centigrade

Calcium Lactate

To meet diverse requirements of our esteemed clients all over the nation we are offering a huge assortment of Calcium lactate which is can be prepared by the reaction of lactic acid with calcium carbonate or calcium hydroxide  utilized in medications recommended for people suffering from a deficiency of calcium The offered Calcium lactate is also utilized to regulate acidity levels in cheese making as a food thickener as baking soda and as a preservative for fresh fruits This product is also used in drugs which helps promote optimal nervous system functions and aids in the normal secretion of hormones and enzymes

Technical Specifications

CAS Number 814 80 2

Formula C6H10CaO6

Molar mass 21822 gmol

Melting point 240 C

Aspartame Chemical

Keeping abreast of advanced technological developments our company is engaged in offering Aspartame The offered product is precisely processed by mixing phenylalanine and aspartic acid Aspartame is used in preparation of sweets breakfast cereals desserts foods beverages chewing gums and weightcontrol products because it is known as an artificial sweetener Moreover we offer this product in various packaging options at affordable prices Along with that this product can also be utilized to flavor childrens medications and vitamins

Technical Specifications

CAS Number 22839 47 0

Formula C14H18N2O5

Molar mass 2943 gmol

Melting point 246 C

Acidity pKa 4560

Potassium Citrate

We have achieved a distinct position in the market by offering a superior quality Potassium Citrate which is a white odorless chemical that can be utilized to cure kidney stones because it helps to break up the stones into small enough pieces to be able to pass safely through the urine The offered product is also demanded in food and beverage industry it is used as a buffering agent  also this can help adjust the pH levels in items like soft drinks The Potassium Citrate is available in different packaging options as per the requirements of our customers at highly competitive price

Technical Specifications

CAS Number 866 84 2

Formula C6H5K3O7

Molar mass 306395 gmol

Density 198 gcm3

Boiling point 230 C 446 F 503 K

Sodium Bromide

With the valuable facilitation of our experienced team of professionals we are offering a superior quality Sodium Bromide which is commonly utilized as a disinfectant for swimming pools and spas and is widely marketed as a way to remove green algae blooms This product is also utilized as a sedative for headaches as well as an anti seizure medication Our Sodium Bromide chemical compound is also demanded in petroleum industry where it is used to prepare the dense fluids In addition to this clients can avail this product from us at the most reasonable prices

Technical Specifications

Molar mass 102894 gmol

Formula NaBr

Density 321 gcm3 anhydrous 218 gcm3 

Boiling point 1390 C 2530 F 1660 K

Hydrobromic Acid

We are engaged in offering an effective range of Hydrobromic Acid that is suitable for the manufacturing of organic intermediates dyes photosensitive materials inorganic pharmaceuticals and medicines The offered chemical is colorless to yellow acid with a pungent odor also plays a vital role for the extraction of mercury from the cinnebar ore Clients can avail this chemical from us in various packaging options Not only this along with above usage. It is also demanded for industrial processes of polymerization hydration and dehydration and esterification reactions

Hydrobromic Acid Properties:

  • CAS Number: 10035 10 6
  • Formula: HBr
  • Molar mass: 809119 g/mol
  • Density: 149 g/cm
  • Melting point: 11 degree centigrade
  • Boiling point: 122 degree centigrade

Magnesium Lactate

We are considered as one the leading names engaged in offering a wide assortment of Magnesium Lactate that contains magnesium to support cellular functions  promotes cellular energy production synthesis of essential molecules and helps facilitate muscle contraction This chemical is used in preparation of supplement which is utilized to supply adequate amounts of the essential element In addition to this the offered Magnesium Lactate is naturally occurring mineral which is required in the body to support the function of the heart nervous system and digestive system

Technical Specifications

CAS Number 18917 93 6

Molar mass 20245 gmol

Formula C6H10MgO6

Sodium Fluoride

With the consistent efforts of our ingenious professionals we are fulfilling the diverse requirements of our clients by offering Sodium Fluoride that is utilized to fluorinate water supplies as a wood preservative in cleaning compounds and in manufacturing of glass The offered product is colorless crystalline in appearance and highly soluble in water We provide this product to our clients in different packaging options at industry leading prices. It is basically a combination of positively charged sodium ions and negatively charged fluoride ions.

Sodium Fluoride Properties:

  • CAS Number : 7681 49 4
  • Formula : NaF
  • Molar mass : 4198817 g/mol
  • Melting point : 993 degree centigrade
  • Boiling point : 1695 degree centigrade

Calcium Citrate

Being a well known organization of this industry, we are offering a wide assortment of Calcium Citrate that is a readily digested and absorbed form of Calcium. The offered product can also bind to other minerals and aid in their removal from the body. This product also finds usage in medical formulations promotes the consolidation and maintenance of bone mass. We offer this Calcium Citrate chemical in various customized packing options and deliver within promised time frame.

Calcium Citrate Properties:

  • Formula: Ca3(C6H5O7)2
  • Molar mass: 498.46 g/mol
  • Melting point: 120 Degree C

Potassium Bromide

By keeping track with the latest market development we are introducing high quality Potassium Bromide which is a white odorless crystalline compound that has an extremely high melting point The offered range has been utilized in human and veterinary medicine as an antiseizure medication  widely demanded as an anticonvulsant and a sedative in the late 19th and early 20th centuries This chemical is a typical ionic salt is fully dissociated and near pH 7 in aqueous solution

Potassium Bromide Properties:

  • CAS Number : 13462 88 9
  • Formula : NiBr2
  • Molar mass : 21853 g/mol
  • Density : 51 g/cm

N-Hexyl Bromide

Owing to our expertise in this domain we are engaged in providing superior quality range of N-Hexyl Bromide which is used as an intermediate inorganic synthesis The offered chemical is processed in our advance processing unit  it is demanded in chemical industry as a reagent and catalyst in chemical reactions Our quality controllers test this chemical on various defined parameters in order to offer perfect range at clients end Also this product is provided in different packaging options at economic prices


N-Hexyl Bromide Properties:

  • Density : 118 gcm
  • Formula : C6H13Br
  • Molar mass : 16507 gmol
  • Melting point : 8470 degree centigrade

N-Butyl Bromide

We are instrumental in offering a comprehensive range of N-Butyl Bromide which is an antispasmodic drug used to treat conditions associated with spasms of the gastrointestinal tract such as cramping This chemical is utilized as a source of the butyl group in organic synthesis. It is ideal for use in heat sensitive dyes and Quaternary Amines among others Furthermore the offered chemical can be availed from us at reasonable prices


  • Formula : C4H9Br
  • Boiling point : 102 degree centigrade
  • Molar mass : 13702 g/mol
  • Melting point : 1125 degree centigrade


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