Bromine is an element, which has wide commercial utilization. Applicative for flame retardants, it stands as a great additive in gasoline and incorporates lead anti-engine knocking elements. Utilized as general sedatives, other usages of this chemical element include high-density dyes, drilling liquids and pharmaceuticals. It is also used in drilling liquids, high-density colors and pharmaceuticals.
Lithium comes with an electron of individual valency and works as a good conductor of electricity and heat. The element is highly reactive and us widely used as a chemical for the physical process of silica, making diminution in the melting point. It is also used as an essential component in electrical and electronics due to its precocious electrode potential.
Zinc is a particular chemical element, which can be utilized in the processing of curatives, lotions and creams so as to proffer protection against sunburn as well as several other damages. Being an indispensable mineral, it has a critical role in protein synthesis and modulates the cell production. This essential trace component, also acts as a soft astringent or a topical protectant.
Pharma Intermediate
We offer Pharmaceutical Intermediates, which are primary the concoctions of of excipients as well as other active substances. Usually, these are available in the form of powder and are supposed to give pharmacological activity or some other direct effects in the medication, extenuation, treatment, diagnosis or prevention of some diseases. These can also be used for the testing as well as development of drugs.
We offer Iodine, which is the weakest oxidizing element, accessible with lowest electro negativity and is used in assorted utilization of varied importance. Utilized as pure element, it can efficiently make potassium iodide. Applicable in catalysts, animal feed supplements, pigments, stabilizers, dyes, the product is also used in cloud seeding, smog suppression, and various other utilization in analytical chemistry.
Lithium Carbonate

Lithium Carbonate is a versatile inorganic compound that has uses in medical, electrical, glass, tile and other domains. WHO has placed this compound in list of essential medicines, used for treating mood related disorders as well as basic health system.

Lithium Bromide

Lithium Bromide is made combining premium quality lithium and bromine. This chemical works as a coolant in various cooling systems; in pharmaceuticals for drying application and for treating epilepsy. Its solubility in ether and alcohol makes it perfect for producing collodion dry plate emulsion.

Copper Bromide

Copper Bromide is an ideal chemical compound that finds application in treating water and analysis of chemicals. Swallowing this chemical is very harmful as it can affect nervous system and irritate eyes and skin. In photography, this chemical is used in the bleaching step.

Lithium Chloride

Lithium Chloride is one of the best materials that is used in drying air streams, producing lithium metal and creating automobile parts. This chemical compound is made combining lithium carbonate with muriatic acid. Research has shown this compound to have strong acaricidal properties.

Lithium Borate

Lithium Borate is a key raw material in production of glasses and ceramics. This kind of salt of naturally occurring and rare which is also why it is demanded largely in commercial applications of laboratories. It is used for preparing sample in spectrometry.

Lithium Hydroxide
Lithium Hydroxide is both a powerful base and a very weak alkali metal. Lithium ions absorb hydrogen ions, which are then changed into hydrogen atoms. It is well known that a hydrogen gas molecule is created when two hydrogen atoms come together.
Lithium Sulfate
Lithium Sulfate solubility is 342 g/L at 25 C. This chemical is tested under various parameters to ensure its high quality and effectiveness. This chemical is very easy to use and safe to handle.
Essentially utilized for supplementation purposes, in the industries of bleaches and paper, Calcium is also used in the manufacturing of soaps as well. Working as a top-quality electrical insulators, it spontaneously makes reaction with water so as to make calcium hydroxide as well as hydrogen gas. It also makes reaction with nitrogen and oxygen.
Offered Phenothiazine is an organic compound, which belongs to thiazine-class of hetero-cyclic compounds. It is exclusively used for the manufacturing of monomers and also works as a chemical stabilizer or ab activator that extends storage as well as shelf life of various products. The derivatives of this pioneering compound, has revolutionized psychiatry as well as other sectors of medicine.
Fine Chemicals
We deal in Fine Chemicals, which are are complex and pure chemical matters, made in modest quantities in useful plants by multi step biotechnological or batch chemical procedures. Described by strict specifications, these are used for further physical processing within the chemical industry. These are subdivided on the basis of the accumulated value or other kinds of business transactions, that is to say standard as well as exclusive products.
We offer Cobalt, which is primarily utilized in the formulation of wear-resistant, magnetic and high-strength alloys. Proffered with a specific gravity, the main utilization of this element is in the production of advanced performance alloys, batteries, catalysts, pigments and radioisotopes. It is a commercially crucial radioisotope, which is utilized as a radioactive tracer for the for the making of high energy gamma rays.

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